The Power of Feelings
A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence

Your Feelings determine who you are and how you live your life. Like most people, you probably spend a lot of time and money trying to create or avoid certain feelings. In order to liberate the true power of your feelings, you need to understand their real purpose. They are the keys to your emotional potential and intelligence.

Learn why feelings like anger, sadness, fear and shame are really the key to your clarity, love, creativity, humility and natural authority — and how you can unlock it!

The Power of Feelings
edition est, 199 pages, paperback $ 14,50, e-book $ 11,40

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The emotional compass helps us tap into the power of our feelings – even the difficult ones like anger, sadness, fear or shame. Every feeling fulfills an important function and can help us to cope in life. Likewise, every feeling has a shadow side that can make life difficult for us. The model developed by Vivian has been integrated into their work by a growing number of trainers, counselors, coaches, therapists and educators in recent years.
You can find the emotional compass in Russian here.

Reading samples

Sample Part I: Complete chapter “The power of fear”

What is the positive expression of fear? How does it show itself in its shadow expression?

Sample Part II: What prevents emotional competence?

What is emotional competence? What are the causes of emotional imbalance?


„The Power of Feelings: A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence” is an easy read while also being one of those life changing instructional guides that only come along perhaps once in a generation.”

Midwest Book review

“The wisdom in this book has changed my life! In simple words Vivian Dittmar manages to shed light onto the dark unknown world of feelings (especially to us men…) and to offer a new and healthy way of using the forces of feelings for living a better life. I know this book in its 1st edition and I can’t wait to read the new material that has been added to this new edition. Recommended for every person on this planet :)”

Amazon review

The Power of Feelings
edition est, 199 pages, paperback $ 14,50, e-book $ 11,40

Original version and other translations

Gefühle & Emotionen

German, original version
Date of publication: November 2007

Emociones & Sentimientos

Spanish version of "Gefühle & Emotionen"
Date of publication: August 2018

O Poder das Emoções

Portuguese version of "Gefühle & Emotionen"
Date of publication: December 2021

Emozioni e sentimenti

Italian version of "Gefühle & Emotionen" (first edition)
Date of publication: February 2010