BOOK – The Emotional Backpack: How to Release Unhealthy Feelings

“Vivian has a profound reflection on affect that is not just theoretical, but expressed as a transformative practice.”

John Vervaeke, author of Awakening from the Meaning Crisis,
professor of psychology and cognitive science, University of Toronto

How does emotional healing happen?
What is the purpose of difficult feelings?

How can you grow into the beauty of wisdom?

Everyone carries an emotional backpack. It’s full of difficult, suppressed feelings from the past: fear, anger, sadness, pain, and more. This emotional baggage weighs you down in everyday life, in relationships and at work. It provokes outsized reactions and can cause even the most harmless situation to escalate into a crisis. But if you consciously embrace your emotional backpack, it can transform into a source of connection and wisdom.

In this book, Vivian Dittmar presents a new, healing way of dealing with your emotional backpack. She outlines how you can release baggage in a controlled and conscious manner. This enables you to choose how you respond to life, even in emotionally challenging situations.

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“I’ve never read anything better regarding the topic of emotions and emotional regulation… [Vivian] skillfully breaks down this complex subject, making it immediately clear and manageable.”

Dr. Volker Schlautmann
Medical Behavioral Therapist at Schön Klinik Bad Bramstedt, Germany

“Human beings cannot embody their deepest insights unless they both grow & heal in their emotional intelligence. Vivian’s work, and this book especially, engages this task with more clarity and nuance than I have seen anywhere else.”

Layman Pascal
Emerge, The Integral Stage podcast

Anyone can, if they want to, find something valuable in this book and ultimately learn to cope better with negative emotions – in any case, it provides an excellent basis for doing so.
Galore Magazine

Vivian Dittmar’s explanations on this topic are incredibly fascinating, understandable, and reassuring. You realize that you’re not as ‘wrong’ or as alone as you think you are. Anyone interested in the topic of ’emotions and feelings’ will find a good entry point here.

Vivian introduces The Emotional Backpack [01:07]

Vivian Introduces The Emotional Backpack