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Vivian Dittmar is an author, wisdom teacher and founder of the Be the Change Foundation. Born in Germany, Vivian spent her childhood and youth on three continents, immersed in very diverse cultural and socio-economic contexts. This gives her a unique perspective on what it means to be human.

Through her books, lectures, seminars and online offerings, she has been committed to a holistic development of people, society, economy and consciousness for over two decades. Her books include “The Emotional Backpack”, “The Power of Feelings“ and “Your Inner GPS“.

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“In this book, I present a new, healing way of dealing with emotions. I outline how you can release emotional baggage in a safe and reliable manner. This enables you to choose how you respond to life, even in the most challenging situations.” – Vivian
Everyone carries an Emotional Backpack. It contains difficult, repressed feelings from the past which weigh us down in everyday life, in relationships, and at work, leading to inappropriate reactions and causing even harmless situations to escalate. But if you consciously embrace your emotional backpack, it can transform into a source of connection and wisdom.

Free Workshop: How Big Is Your Emotional Backpack?

Don’t miss this free workshop, in which Vivian Dittmar introduces a formula for figuring out the size of your emotional backpack. She explains how three factors work together to determine the load you carry on your shoulders. Instead of being a burden, having a big emotional backpack can be one of your greatest assets. Click on the video to learn more.

Your Inner GPS

Find Clarity with the Five Ways of Thinking

What’s the difference between a daydream and true inspiration?
Is it good to make purely rational decisions, or should I go with my gut?
How do I listen to my heart, and is it really always the best guide?

Vivian and John Vervaeke

When talking about how we become more wise, there are two basic approaches: the language of training and the language of explaining. In this video, John Vervaeke and Vivian begin a multi-part discussion of how their work compliments each other. Watch the first episode now, and stay tuned for more conversations in the near future.

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